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UX/UI Designer | Brand designer

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Creative Manager

  •  Sliced Bread Social
  •  Dec 2020 - Present


Managing client requests across digital and physical frameworks. My responsibilities include:

- Branding

- UX & UI design

- Graphic design for print and digital

- Social media management

UX/UI Designer | Brand designer | Brand Strategist

  •  Nov 2019 - Present


• End to end brand strategy
• Competitor analysis
• Client workshop facilitation
• Brand identity

• UX Consulting: auditing, strategy, research & analysis, ideation, design, testing
• Creation of deliverables for the business
• UI Design

• Creation and management of ad campaigns using Facebook Ads Manager.
• Social media strategy
• Community engagement
• Content creation: photography, branded digital assets

UX Designer

  •  PRMG Marketing
  •  Nov 2019 - Dec 2019


- Identified business goals, user goals and pain points

- Reviewed current designs and flows based on user goals and pain points, and identified usability problems in order to iterate and improve the user experience of the MVP - worked closely with Lead UX designer, Project Manager, and Lead UI designer

- Conducted market research to identify best practices and design wireframes that met user goals and business goals for Web and Mobile

- Conducted market research around UX in Email Marketing to wireframe and design automation email templates

- Collaborated with Project Manager, Lead Designers and Email Marketing and CRM Specialist

UX Designer

  •  Realhub
  •  Jun 2019 - Aug 2019


Reduced time and money spent on basic troubleshooting for the support team.

Created an entire on-boarding experience for new customers.

- Went through the end to end UX and UI process combining user research and analysis to identify user needs and pain points.

- Leveraged the research discoveries and insights by collaborating and working closely with the product manager, developers, and directors to ideate and design the most technically feasible, the most financially viable, and the most usable, useful, desirable and accessible product for our customers.

- Designed a user experience and user interface that was tested and iterated on, providing customers with a newfound sense of security, comfort, and control.

UX/UI Designer

  •  World Nomads
  •  Apr 2019 - Apr 2019


Increased World Nomad's mobile conversions by optimising the user experience of the purchase path through extensive UX research methodologies and principles.

Conducted analytical data research such as heatmaps, scrollmaps, Google Analytics, user testings & interviews to define user pain points and bring in adequate improvements to the product.

UX/UI Designer

  •  Ufoodi Group
  •  Mar 2019 - Mar 2019


Optimised the user experience of Ufoodi's ordering and booking platform by going through and end to end UX process including user research, user testing, UX auditing, UX and UI design.